Principles of Service

Devran Engine Bearings Co. adopts modern management perspective referring to 100% customer satisfaction and quality.

This point of view aims quality not only for products but also all other instutional aspects covering sales and service procedures.

To achieve, all our employees must  take responsiblity, be initiative and skilled having all knowladge required in their fields considering it as if their own business.

Another value that is as important as quality and service is to supply product with suitable cost and price. Rather than for ourselves, it is the responsibility we must do for our customers.

There is no meaning of the product and service that was not supplied on time when needed. It is a natural result of self-respect and respect for customers to supply required product with required specifications on time as promised.

Openness, transparency and honesty are our essential characteristics that creates customer’s trust. We are aware of that it is necessary to keep this trust in our business.